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bmbridges's Journal

The BMB Universe - By Alie & Vixx
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the premise

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    Narrowly escaping the clutches of JK Rowling's canon, this alternate universe piece of fiction tells the story of the lives of many characters in the Harry Potter universe. Friendships, love, children and life, it explores what could have existed for them had they lived in another world--one without magic, without mass extermination, and without the 'Chosen One'.

    Rated R, this story began as Marauders-era based ('Stories from East Portlemouth Prep', 'Badly Made Bridges'), and now we've expanded to accomedate the next generation. We sincerely hope that you won't be disappointed.

the mailing list

    Chapters are often posted late at night, or early in the morning, and can get lost in the folds of your f-list. We implemented the mailing list as a way to keep you informed where the story is concerned--notices are sent out moments after a chapter is posted. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

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the disclaimer

    This universe is fake. Any and all resemblances to real people and situations is both coincidental and highly unlikely. Locations have been embellished, our Brit-speak is wonky, and the characters were all created by and are property of JK Rowling; this is merely fiction. Please don't sue because all our money goes to rent.

    Also, this story is a kick in the bollocks where canon is concerned. We are extremely AU, and we make no apologies. In this story you will find explicit sex, bad language, disturbing situations, the condoning of illegal acts, and discussion of less-than-polite things. We are rated R for that reason, and we do not put warnings on specific chapters. Consider this your warning.