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A Bunch of Shit

1) A Poll of Interest

Where we ask you questions, you provide answers, and decisions are made accordingly!

Poll #1061669 Book Details

If we published EPP and BMB as books on Cafe Press, would you be interested in purchasing them?

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What would you consider added incentive for purchasing the book(s)? (choose any/all!)

"Easter Eggs", like story extras, scenes, facts we don't know
Chapter art
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Is there anything we didn't list that you'd like to see?

If we commissioned someone for cover-art, which FIVE scenes (out of THESE options and those in the NEXT QUESTION) would you consider the best choices? PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE FIVE! :) NOTE*** These are from EAST PORTLEMOUTH PREP. :D

James and Sirius with the calf pinata in the park (Episode 'The Evening News")
Lily and James conceiving Harry in the janitor's closet and getting caught (Episode "Closet Escapades")
Sirius and Remus macking in the Potter's linen closet (Episode "Bad Hiding Places")
Remus and Lily getting high on the footie field at school, when Remus comes out of the closet (Episode "Moving on to Blokes")
Edgar kissing Dorcas' tiger tatoo (underwear on, nothing explicit) (Episode "The Ballad of Edgar and Dorcas")
Potter wedding party photo (James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Hestia, Alice) [Reference]
Schoolgirl Narcissa seducing Lucius in his office (Episode "Don't Tell!")
Fabian, Caradoc and Elphias out to lunch (Episode "An Ex-Citing Luncheon")
Regulus walking in on Sirius and Remus getting hot and heavy (Episode "A Rainy Afternoon")
Gideon holding Kinny's hand while she gets "Gideon was here" tattooed on her bum (Episode "Unhappily Ever After")
Severus holding his hand over Lily's last name on their extra credit assignment, her framed in the doorway (Episode "Extra Credit")
Peter sitting in T.M.'s office [Reference]
Lily, Alice and Narcissa preggers, sitting on the bathroom floor at school eating junk food [Reference]
Remus holding Sirius as he dangles from the beam (Episode "50-Foot Drop")
Cissa and Bella sizing each other up at Bella's apartment (Episode "Sisters, Sisiters")

Last question continued!

Severus in his glued on elf costume, James and Sirius sniggering in the background (Extra: "The Severus Montage")
Marlene showing off her prom dress to Gid in her room (Extras "Five Missed Conversations (1)")
Sirius showing up at James' beaten up, as a kid (Episode "Ripped Trousers")
Gideon walking in on Fabian and Elphias (Episode "Oh. My. God.")
Lily pushing James into a lake, goat (and Sirius!) nearby (Episode "Meeting Lily")
Narcissa going into labour (Episode "Pandemonium!")
Sex-Ed with Lucius, Narcissa, Sirius and James present and accounted for (Episode "Sexual Education")
Harry's birth, handing him over to Sirius and Remus (Episode "Having a Baby")

Any other comments/suggestions you'd like to add?

2) Family Dinner (takes place July of 2025)

Where there are two daughters, two big brothers, and the sort of family dinner you'd never see on The Brady Bunch.


"Oh my God, that hurt so much," Madeline giggled and fanned at her flat, now-pierced stomach as she and her best friend walked out of the piercing parlour and onto the street. "Liz, seriously. Hurt, hurt, hurt! You know?"

She and Lizzy had gone to the mall after school, and then remembered stories they'd both heard from their parents about Sirius getting his nipple done at Holy Ones, and so they'd hopped on the bus to go there. They'd both clung to each other's hands as they'd both had needles shoved through their belly buttons.

"We should totally get our tongues done next," Maddy added in a high pitched squeal, squeezing Lizzie's arm excitedly.

Elizabeth groaned. "Oh God," she said, flinching as she took careful steps to avoid stretching the skin more than necessary. "Why did we do this again? Like, I know Dad's story was inspiring and all, but couldn't we have picked a better place? Instead of one that seems to be connected to every movement I make?"

"Mine is still kind of numb. Well, and burning. It actually doesn't really hurt yet," Maddy said, still practically vibrating with adrenaline. "I'm sure it will, start to hurt more, though. I can feel that it will. And ew, it's kind of bleeding. I think it'll be fine as long as I don't touch it."

"We're going to be eaten," Lizzy said, frowning. "Picked the right day to do it, didn't we? Family dinner night? Oli's going to see it etched across my face and you know he'll start to prod me or something and I'll squeal because it'll hurt something ridiculous as he always goes for the bellybutton! And then we'll both be doomed."

"It'll be fine. Just play it cool," Maddy said. "You worry too much, Liz. Seriously."

"I worry more because you don't bother at all," Lizzy said with a scowl. "Uncle James is going to throw a shit fit. You know he is."

"Oh, Daddy will be fine," Maddy said. "God, loosen up! If Harry can loosen up enough to fuck around with Draco without locking the door, you can relax enough not to make yourself go grey over a belly button ring. Seriously. I walked in on them. It was so... weird!"

Lizzy screwed up her face. "That's a mental image I really didn't need, Mads. And that's not Harry loosening up, that's Harry knocking on stupid. Honestly. Imagine if Auntie Lily had walked in on them. That would've been horrible! And Oli and I have heard Dad and Dad going at it, but that's better than actually seeing them do it. Ew."

"At least Draco's hot. I've seen some of his high fashion photos where they put him in makeup and androgynous clothes, and he's hotter than the famed Chele Bones. Seriously. It's so not fair," Maddy rambled as they continued to make their way home. "But he's hot as a boy, too. Not necessarily as he's throwing shit at me to get me to stop gawking in frozen horror. But, um, he's kind of like, really hung. Too bad he's not straight."

"That just might be one of the grossest things you've ever said to me," Lizzy said, giving Maddy an incredulous sort of look. "That's more about Draco Malfoy's weiner than I ever wanted to know. And anyhow, Dad is the Sirius Black, and everyone thinks he's hot enough. And there's nothing wrong with Dad either. He's got character and a lovely nose."

"Your comparing your dad to an eighteen year old blond and flawless model?" Maddy laughed. "I'll have to tell him. He'll be chuffed. You freak."

"They're where Draco'll be in a few decades. Even Narcissa has wrinkles, much as she'd like to convince you she doesn't," Lizzy said. "And I think I might tell Harry you fancy his boyfriend. Not that you stand a snowball's chance in H-E-L-L, of course, but I would love to see his reaction."

"Okay, for one, Harry wouldn't care. He knows Draco's had it for him since he learned how to have it, and the cocky little brat doesn't even know what the term relationship insecurity means. And for two, I don't fancy Draco. I just think he's nice to look at. And well hung. He'd make a killing in porn," Maddy said, waggling her eyebrows at Lizzy. "And come on, you square. You can say hell. Come on, Liz. Hell! Use your big girl words."

"The day I see Draco Malfoy in a porno is the day I throw myself off the Parliament Building," Liz said, frowning. "Your fascination with his penis is astounding. Actually, in retrospect, he's probably vain enough to con Harry into make a porno with him just so he can see himself in action." She shuddered. "Ugh, the idea. Anyway. You know I don't like to swear if I can help it. Dad says that swearing is an excuse not to use better words. He's even got Dad replacing 'shit' with 'sugar'."

"That's so bloody girly. Sugar," Maddy laughed. "Holy sugar! That's such bull sugar. What the sugar! I haven't heard him say it yet. That's fucking hilarious. My dad would laugh his balls off."

"Dad and Uncle James are bad influences on one another. Dad and Auntie Lily were so mortified when they accidentally set fire to our Christmas tree last year, you remember? And to be honest with you I'm not sure who was laughing more loudly, my dad, your dad, or Oliver."

"I wish I could've seen it first hand," Maddy said wistfully. "Hey, do you think maybe Oli will notice me now that I have my belly button pierced?"

"Mads!" Liz exclaimed in exasperration. This was an old, worn topic. "Oli has nine years on you! It's not going to happen!"

Maddy made a dramatic face and clutched at her chest. "But it's meant to be, Liz. You know it is. My best friend's older brother. It's totally written in the stars. If Harry wasn't gay--or as good as since he's obviously accepted there's no point ever splitting with Draco because the blond git would assassinate anyone else who tried for Harry--you could have him, and we'd be one big happy family. But as it is, I'll just marry Oli and we can be sisters that way."

"You choose your own family, Maddy," Lizzy replied, looking at Maddy with a serious expression on her face. "Dad left his family and married Dad, and they chose to adopt me and Oliver, and think we can choose to be one another's sisters without the addition of you marrying Oli, which is as likely to happen as Chele Bones shutting her legs to anything with an erection."

"But Oli is so hot, Liz," Maddy moaned. "And I want him. I think he should be my first, you know? Because he's older and more experienced. And don't look at me like that! I don't mean now. I mean in a couple years. I'm not slutty like Manny."

"I think you should stop talking, actually," Lizzy said, pulling a face. "That's my brother. I don't want to hear anything, not even a whisper, regarding his sex life. Or your involvement in it, for that matter."

"Oh, shut up. You know he's slept with half the country. Slutty footie boy," Mady said in a pleased sort of way. "He's so wonderful."

"He's lucky he isn't swarming with sexually transmitted diseases," Lizzy scowled. "Slutty footie boy, indeed. You should save yourself the heartache of potential syphillis and stop mooning now while you still can. Shit, come on, we're going to be late."

"Oh, I can't run. Hurt, hurt, hurt!" Maddy said as they hurried up the street. They were close to home, though, and shortly after they were laughing as they burst through the front door of Maddy's house. "Did we make it? Are we on time?"

"Nope," Oliver replied, obviously speaking around a full mouth. "We started without you. Butt to the table."

"You started without her, not us. You pig," James said. "Come on, girls, we just sat down."

"Dinner!" Lizzy said happily, kissing her dads as she passed them to take an empty seat (trying not to wince as she sat down). "What're we talking about?" she asked, reaching for the mashed potatoes.

"Oliver's complete and utter lack of manners, mostly," Harry supplied, pouring gravy over his meal, grinning at Oli from where he sat beside him. "And that his team's picking me up, of course."

"Your father always said you'd play footie for England," Sirius said thoughtfully. "Your mother had high hopes you'd be a groupie of sorts. Shame you picked the former, Harry, you would've done a number on the Hanson's with with your dashing good looks and total disrespect for boundries."

"You're a horrible man, Sirius Black," Lily commented, amused.

"You don't know the half of it. Pass the potatoes please," Remus said smoothly. "And hello, girls. Enjoying your Sunday?"

"It's a weekend. Kids are like, biologically programmed to enjoy weekends," Maddy replied.

"Mouth! Be nice to Uncle Remus," James scolded as he handed the potatoes over to Remus. "You're such a brat."

"Who d'you think I got it from, Daddy?" Maddy replied, and took a big bite of salad.

Lizzy rolled her eyes. "We just went window shopping downtown. Boring, really. Little to no excitement to be had."

"You say that as if there was and it's excitement you'd rather not share with your lovely, prying, occasionally irritating family," Harry suggested.

"See? Boundries! This kid knows them not," Sirius exclaimed, flinging a bit of chicken behind him and onto the wall. "Whoops."

Maddy made a face at her brother for his comment, and debated kicking him under the table, but figured that would be too much like an admission of guilt.

"And you say I have no table manners," Oli commented with a snort. "Watch where you're waving your fork, old man."

"Old? Be careful, Oliver," Remus said with a smile. "We're all the same age. You don't want to be calling your Aunt Lily old now, do you?"

"Tosh, she's not a day over twenty five," Oliver replied and winked at her jokingly.

"Too right I'm not," Lily said with a grin in James' direction.

Harry made a face. "Ew, Mum, don't do that," he said.

"Do what?" Lily asked, confused.

"You're making a come hither face in Dad's direction. I'm a lost cause, as you've both traumitized me several times already, but think of Maddy," Harry continued, putting on a bit of a puppy dog face. "For the sake of her virtue."

Elizabeth snorted, and Lily rolled her eyes.

"Don't snort, cow!" Maddy said loudly. "I have virtue. I'm very virtuous. I'm the epitome of virtuosness."

"I'm glad to hear it," James said. "And Harry, shut it, kid. Your mother and I are fantastic parents."

"Who, at the very least, don't do it as loudly as the Uncles," Maddy quipped and when Oliver choked on his water laughing, she beamed in a pleased sort of way at him.

"It never fails, never," Lily sighed. "Our offspring are as preoccupied by it and talk about it the same way we did, when we were young."

"You're as old as you feel," Sirius suggested through a mouthful of mashed potato. "I certainly feel spry enough! And I think I'm still cool. Am I cool?"

"Of course you are, Dad," Lizzy said proudly. "You're the coolest middle-aged person I know."

James, however, did not find Lily's observation amusing in the slightest. "But the girls are only thirteen. That's too young. Right? Way too young. Girls, I'm too young to retire and follow you around with a baseball bat and a menacing stare. Give me just a few more years, and then your mother can be the sole breadwinner of the family."

"They'll be at East Portlemouth soon. I'll keep an eye," Remus said with a wry grin. "I do, after all, know all the best nooks, crannies, and supply closets."

"But you're also completely clueless," Oliver put in. "Harry's got it right. When they say 'nothing, it was boring', they actually mean they can't tell you. You would expect that your stern but caring expression would be enough to elicit the truth, and you're totally wrong. They're going to be even wilder than I was, you mark my words."

"Thanks for the vote of convidence in our modesty and self-preservation, Oli," Lizzy said, annoyed. "We are sitting right here, after all."

"Oh, look, so you are!" Harry said. "So what'd you really do this afternoon, then? Preservation? A confidence booster? A bout of slagging?"

"Harry James Potter!" Lily admonished. "You watch your mouth."

"Sorry, Mum," Harry answered, distracted, still looking expectantly between Maddy and Lizzy.

"We snorted coke off a buff man's abs. I think his name was Rodrigo. I wrote it down somewhere so Dad could go kill him later. Oh, and then there was an orgy," Maddy quipped.

Again, Oli snickered. James, however, wasn't nearly as impressed.

"Don't worry, Maddy Mouth. Rodrigo will die, to be sure. And now I'm curious because you're evading answering," James said. "You think I don't know all the tricks in the book?"

Maddy looked at him for a moment, then shrugged. "We went to the mall and got bored and then went to Holy Ones and picked out tattoos. Keep your pants on! We didn't get any. They wouldn't let us because we're too young. We were just having fun."

That was true. They had picked out tattoos. Jokingly, and not ones they'd really ever get. (Who picks a tattoo from a sample book, anyway? They were supposed to be personal.) She just hadn't mentioned that, while there, they'd pierced their bellies.

"Went to Holy Ones, eh? Don't want to get inked there. If you're going to do it, get it done by someone you trust, also known as Dorcas Bones. Not that I'm encouraging it, but still," Sirius rambled.

"That's all then? Still think you're hiding something," Harry said, narrowing his eyes.

"I think you're being a git," Lizzy retorted.

"Agreed on the git front. Two against one, you lose, Har," Maddy sneered. "Hey, did you fix the lock on your door?"

Harry started to grin. "Why little sister, I do believe you're trying to blackmail your big brother. Whatever for?"

Lily blinked between her children. "And what does Maddy think you don't want your father and I to know, Harry?"

"Eh, she walk in on Draco and I the other day," Harry said, rubbing his hands together gleefully. He might be eighteen, but he still loved annoying the shit out of his baby sister. "So now we know they're hiding something."

Lizzy sighed through a full mouth of peas, and purposefully didn't look at her parents.

"The question now is, did it have something to do with Holy Ones?" Oliver asked. "Every good liar throws some truth in there. I think we ought to check for ink and metal."

"Oh my God, since when did family dinner become an interrogation?" Maddy quipped.

Oliver grinned at her. "Jack pot."

"Oliver, don't antagonize," Remus said calmly, and fixed his daughter with the aforementioned stern but caring expression. "Elizabeth?"

Lizzy's face took on a premature wincing quality as she and Maddy exchanged a look that agreed they were doomed. Lizzy just couldn't lie to her dad when asked directly. "Er. Well. We, um. We got out belly buttons pierced."

Oliver made a soft huh sound in the short silence that followed this. So the caring-but-stern thing apparently worked on his sister. He loved his parents, but he'd still lied to them a normal amount, even in the face of the caring-but-stern face.

James' cutlery clattered noisily to the table. "You did what?"

"Don't get worked up, Daddy. It's already done," Maddy said quickly. "Really, it's so small and hardly anyone will ever see it and..."

"Not a chance. You'll take it out. You're thirteen. No. Just no," James said firmly, glaring at his daughter. "Not happening."

"James," Lily said, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. "Lets see it, Madeline. Now, please."

"You too, Liz," Sirius said, his face a cross between disappointed and impressed. "Want to see if it's infected. Can't trust that place, love. It's dirty."

Maddy exchanged a look with Liz, then stood up quickly and lifted her shirt. She put on a grin and asked, "It looks great, right? So cute."

James stared at it, eyes wide and disbelieving, and shook his head. It seemed like only yesterday that she was six and he would sit with her and bedtime and they'd read stories together. Now she was growing up and wearing lipstick and thinking about boys and getting her belly button pierced. He wasn't ready to let her go into that world yet. He had no control in that world. He couldn't follow her into it and keep her safe like he could if she was still just his little Madeline. So, he crossed his arms and said stubbornly, "No. You're too little."

"Dad! I'm not little! I'm practically fourteen, and Chele Bones had her nipple pierced when she was fourteen," Maddy protested. "Liz, show them yours. They match. They're just cute and innocent. Like friendship bracelets."

"Except holes through your flesh," Oli offered helpfully. "Can I just say, strictly for informational purposes, every stripper I've ever seen had her belly button pierced?"

"Oliver," Lizzy said in a pleading voice as she reluctantly stood and lifted the bottom of her shirt to show everyone her swollen, red and bleeding piercing.

"Chele Bones..." Harry said trailing off. "You don't want to emulate her, you know? She's a... well. She's not big on boundries either, I guess."

Lily rubbed her face with her hands, wondering in the back of her mind where everyone's little babies had gone, and otherwise trying to figure out the best way to sort out the situation. "Maddy. Madeline, I don't understand why you two did this. Was it because of girls like Chele Bones? Or to be 'cool'?"

"Cool," Lizzy said. "We thought it'd be neat, Auntie Lily. We're not trying to be like anyone, we just wanted to do something cool."

"We just did it for us. Because we wanted to. And we're not taking them out. They're our bodies, not yours," Maddy said, sounding just as stubborn as her dad. "Besides, we're going to be in the same year as Manny Bones, and she's already legendary. We just needed something to give us an edge. We don't want to be the boring townies because we're nowhere near boring."

"Well. Maddy Mouth can use her words for more than just brat attacks," Oliver said, smiling at his sister and Maddy. "Anyway, I think they look good. Classy. Totally exotic dancer. Way classier than strippers."

"Oliver..." Remus said sternly.

"Kidding!" Oli said quickly, holding his hands up in a surrender position.

Remus turned his attention to the girls. "I'm just not sure you thought this through, girls. The Bones sisters aside, it's your personality, your heads, hearts, and souls you should be relying on. Not body modification."

"Sorry, Dad," Lizzy said. "Just... head and hearts and souls will only get you so far in hierarchy like we're facing. We have our own ground to hold."

"You're being a bit melodramatic," Harry pointed out.

"I'm not sure what I think," Sirius said with a contemplative tone. "On one hand you've pierced something that has one of the highest rates of infection, at a dirty parlour that's been sued any number of times for re-using needles. On the other hand, they are your bodies, even if you knew perfectly well to begin with that it wasn't a decision you should've made lightly. What do you think, Moony?"

"I think those are very good points that Elizabeth should contemplate in a compare and contrast essay. Three pages, and a bibliography," Remus said with a small smile.

Oliver groaned sympathetically. He'd probably written a hundred essays for his father growing up, and he'd always hated them. He didn't know why he couldn't just get grounded like normal kids. The essays usually took him longer than, say, a week's grounding would have.

"Well, you make her write an essay if you want, but Maddy is taking hers out," James said again.

Lily sighed, and closed her eyes. "James. You're being unreasonable."

"I am not! She's my baby girl!" James protested. "I am a cool dad. I'm the coolest dad out there. I just don't want my baby to have her belly-button pierced. Lily. Dorcas had her belly button pierced when she was Maddy's age. Do you remember what kind of girl Dorcas was?"

"I'm not exactly enthusiastic about it either, but James. It's already done," Remus said practically. "There's no way to undo it, and you know how amazing our girls are. Sooner or later we're going to have to trust them to make decisions we don't agree with."

"I don't think it's fair to compare Maddy and Lizzy to Dorcas Bones at the same age just because they've put a piece of metal in their stomachs," Sirius interjected. "It's not a screaming symbol of the Lesbian Slut Association, Prongs."

"Sirius," Lily scolded.

Maddy looked over at Lizzy and smiled a little before focussing again on the adults arguing around them. "So, uh, we're not grounded forever then?"

"No," Lily said, giving James a pointed looked with her eyebrows raised. "At least you're not."

"And you heard your dad," Sirius said to Elizabeth, squeezing Remus' thigh under the table. "An essay of doom and agreeing to never do that again behind our backs is all we need to hear."

Lizzy nodded fervently. "No. Definitely not. Better to ask then to be a bint."

"Okay, pause," Oliver interjected. "They're not grounded? At all? Does Mouth at least have to write an essay too?"

Harry frowned. "This is lame. When I got my tattoo I was grounded for a month."

"Well that's because it was a 'lame' tattoo, sweetums," Lily said with a slight smile. "Not that we don't all think you're a wonderful football player, of course, but getting wings on your ankles? Not to mention you were fifteen at the time. And no, Maddy's not going to write an essay. She's going to help me clean out the attic instead."

"Mom! I hate the attic. It's dusty and it makes me all asthmatic," Maddy whined.

"Well, great, maybe it'll help you realize that doing stupid shit without parental permission is a bad idea," James replied, giving her a stern sort of look. "Always consult your parents. Bad Mouth. Me too, actually. Kids, don't say shit at the dinner table."

"Well shit, now you tell us," Oli quipped. "Too late. Old habits, you know?"

"You're not a kid anymore, Oliver," Remus pointed out.

Maddy smirked. "Unless you go by maturity level."

"Or the fact that he still bring his laundry home for the dads," Lizzy added. "Seriously, how many pairs of underwear do you own to keep it all going for so long?"

"Underwear! Pfft!" Sirius said laughingly. "A son of mine wearing underwear for anything other than organized sports! The very idea!"

"You go commando?" Maddy asked, eyebrows raising.

Oliver shrugged. "I'm a real man. Real men like a healthy breeze 'round their privates. Right Harry old chap?"

"Er," Harry said, cheeks burning slightly, and then mumbled something that couldn't quite be heard.

"What was that, sweetums?" Lily asked, frowning.

"Draco. Um. Prefers me to," Harry admitted, hasitly shoving a forkful of peas into his mouth. "Wear underwear."

"Well he's properly whipped, then," Sirius said with a laugh.

"Nothing wrong with being whipped. I've been whipped for Lily since I was eleven," James said. "And we're happy as can be, even when our daughter pokes holes in herself without our permission."

"Screw being whipped. Harry, I'm disappointed in you," Oliver said. "Who lets their girly boyfriend boss them around?"

Harry raised his eyebrows. "You really want me to go into the whys at the dinner table where our parents and little sisters are?"

"Ew," Lizzy said automatically, scrunching up her nose.

"No details needed. Ever, mate. Thanks," Oliver chuckled, wrinkling his nose as well and looking much, in fact, like Lizzy.

"Yeah, I don't need details either, but that's because I got a full view first hand," Maddy quipped, and waggled her eyebrows at her brother. "Always thought he was quite the catch, but he's even more, ah, impressive than I figured he'd be."

"Okay stop," James said suddenly, and then shared a look with Lily. "Bloody buggering hell, our children are exactly like us."

"You expected anything different?" Lily asked, laughing. "Can't you remember that month when Harry was about one and a half, and his favourite word was sex?"

"I remember that month," Sirius said fondly. "Least I remember him teaching Draco to say it and he asked my mother when Narcissa had her over to tea. They probably heard her shrieks of 'Filth! Filth!' across the Atlantic."

"She must have such a boring life," Remus commented. "And tiring. Could you imagine how exhausting it would be to be that completely affronted at all the sins of others all the time? Goodness, I'd need a kip every couple hours just to get my strength back up for all that shouting. Still, I can't help but feel sorry for her. Her mind is going and she hardly has anyone left in the world. I know it was her own fault, but still. It's sad."

"Regulus is a bigger man than I for putting up with her, even if only for tea a few times a year," James said, voice sounding more pitying than anything. "She's one of the most miserable people I've ever known. Does your dad ever visit her, Pads?"

"He tried last year, but she just babbled on and on and on about the sins of her children and how it was all his fault," Sirius sighed and shook his head. "He doesn't need to hear that now, not after being free of her for so long. He showed her pictures of the kids, did I tell you that? She's got Reg's two in pride of place on her nighttable, and she took Oli and Liz's and..." Sirius trailed off looking between the two of them, shaking his head and thinking better of it. "Never mind."

"No. Dad. What did she do with mine and Oli's picture?" Lizzy asked.

"Binned them? Burned them? Put them into some weird altar in her closet for us children of sin? Built a little model of the special level of hell that awaits for us, and cut our faces out to put on voodoo dolls?" Oliver joked. "Or wait, that's a pagan ritual, isn't it? Scratch that voodoo idea."

Sirius shrugged apologetically. "She tore them up. The whole 'no grandchildren of mine' rag, like that lovely note she sent us after Reg gave her Liz's adoption announcement. Wish I could claim she's not in her right mind."

"She won't let Narcissa bring Draco to visit anymore either," Harry said. "Narcissa only goes out of obligation to her mum, but Sirius' mum told her if she saw Draco again she'd exorcise him."

"I'd pay money to see that. Can you just picture the look on his face? All... superiority and that sneering sort of look-at-me-humouring-the-commoners amusement? She'd kill him for his insolence," Maddy said, and then grinned at the looks Oli, Harry, and even the adults were giving her. "Hey, it's not my fault my brother's boyfriend is a hunk of alabastor man meat with the most perfect attitude of aristocratic snobbery."

"You are one special child, Madeline," Oliver snorted.

"I'm not a child," Maddy protested.

"Yes you are," James interrupted. "In every definition of the word, you're a child. Sorry kiddo. You've got years to go before you grow up."

"Thankfully," Lily breathed with a smirk, running a hand through Maddy's hair. "I'm old enough as it is, babygirl. Don't rush."

"I miss Blankie, pigtails and little frilly dresses," Sirius said wistfully. "Not that Lizzy and Maddy could ever keep anything clean."

Harry blinked. "Uncle Sirius? Did you just lament over dirty laundry?"

"And to think he spent the majority of our adolesence without a shirt on," Lily said. "And covered in motor oil. Now he bakes. And takes the stains out of whites! You've done a lovely job domesticating him, Remus."

"Clean is for nice girls," Maddy said, waggling her eyebrows, and then rolled her eyes at her father's panicked expression. "Just kidding, Daddy."

James melted a little--he always did when Maddy called him Daddy, and he knew she damn well knew that too--but then gave her a stern look and said, "Hey Lils honey pie? Maybe homeschooling is a better option."

Lily laughed. "James you are completely ridiculous, honestly. If you had your way she wouldn't be allowed to go outside."

"That's probably be better for humanity," Harry teased. "It's a good option to consider, Dad."

"I'd consider the same option for Harry, Uncle James," Lizzy interjected with a wry smile. "Considering Harry and his flaxen haired boy-toy have a penchant for public indecency."

Oliver laughed, and then choked on his mouthful of food. Remus gave him a disgusted look that clearly said table manners, young man and then shook his head. There was no point. It was too late. He just sighed and passed his son a tissue. "Oliver, honestly."

"Harry, don't be an idiot and get yourself caught. Of all the things to get arrested for, that'd probably be the stupidest," James said with a long-suffering sigh. "Oh, my children. I can't handle this. You're both giving me grey hair."

"I think it looks dashing," Lily said slyly.

"Ew, mum," Harry said, wincing.

"What? I can't talk about mine and Dad's sex life? We've certainly heard plenty about yours," Lily grinned with mock mother sweetness.

"No one worry. I'm not dying or anything," Oliver croaked sarcastically as he finally managed to stop coughing. "Please, just ignore me and continue on as though I'm not coughing up my intestines."

Remus smirked a little and said, "Really, I think having open relationships with your children is healthy. We should be able to talk openly about sex."

"Um, I love you, Uncle Remus, but no explicit details please," Maddy said, wrinkling her nose. "I don't think I could look you in the eye again if you got into explicit details."

"Open is not the same as explicit, Madeline," Remus said primly.

"You know, Remus used to blush at the drop of a hat when we were kids. Couldn't even say the 's' word without turning maroon," James informed the table at large.

"I think he finally stopped after ole' Skeets published her book. None of our wedding pictures were even remotely 'modest', Moony, I don't know what you were thinking," Sirius said.

"I liked that picture," Lizzy said with a smile. "Dad looked very nice with that garter in his mouth."

"What I was thinking? Excuse me, who helped convince me it was a good idea? Like I can say no when you're... when you've set your mind to something," Remus replied. "It's entirely your fault. And you know those pictures circulate at least once a year at the school. You should see the way the students look at me."

"It's the only time they're ever mentally giving you cool points, Remus. Don't fight it," James snickered.

Lily burst out laughing. "You know, I think we were doomed from the start," she managed, smiling widely, eyes twinkling, and looking about ten years younger than she was. "And it could be worse," she added with a glance in Sirius' direction, who raised his eyebrows at her. "We could've gotten old, like Sirius."

"Hey!" Sirius replied indignantly. "I'm not old!"

"Yes you are. You've got grey, mate," James pointed out. "And you bake."

"Bakes wonderfully, might I point out, and the grey looks great on him. Besides, you've got it too, James," Remus returned, calmly stepping to Sirius' defense with a smile. "At the temples."

"Lily, tell those two prats I call friends that I'm still the most dashing man you've ever seen, and fit, and best in the sack, and all around fabulous, not to mention the world's most amazing dad and that the grey looks much better on me than it does on Padfoot," James said.

"If you guys are going to argue, Liz and me are going to eat in the living room and see if there's any new gossip about Oli on E!" Maddy said, ignoring Remus' soft 'Liz and I, Madeline' correction. "And practice which position best shows off our new belly button rings without looking too posed or show-off-ish or slutty like Manny Bones."

"Manny, Chele... they're almost interchangable now. They look so much alike," Sirius commented, thoughtfully. "The group of us have produced the strangest offspring, eh?"

Lizzy rolled her eyes and picked up her plate as she stood. "What are we, Dad, a science experiment?"

Sirius grinned. "Hypothesis seems to be working out so far."

Lizzy furrowed her eyebrows. "What was your 'hypothesis' then?"

"Oh, just that you'd always make me and your father proud, and that you'd grow up beautiful and responsible. Oh, and that you'd put Oliver in his place, of course," Sirius replied. "Because we know what an utter hooligan he is."

Lily laughed again. "Sirius, that might be the most ironic thing I've ever heard you say."

"Agreed. I don't think you can call anyone a hooligan, considering what a total terror you were, Pads," James said, and then paused. "I can, though. And Oliver is definitely a hooligan. And thank goodness for Lizzy. Maddy's the one that gave me these greys, on the other hand. And Harry is useless at reigning her in. Fat lot of help you are, Harry."

"Okay, I was going to just let you keep going and eat up all of the rest of the food while you were busy, but I need to interject something here. First of all, I'm a footie hooligan, not just a hooligan. There's a difference," Oliver piped up. "And second, Lizzy doesn't put me in my place. Come on, she's my little sister. I can totally take her."

"You can not," Maddy snorted. "All she has to do is look a little wet around the eyes and you'd break any law there is to make things right for her."

"I would not!" Oliver protested, laughing. "I look out for her, but that doesn't mean I do whatever she wants me to."

"Well you can't say I didn't try," Harry said with a roll of his eyes. "Not my fault she's completely off her rocker."

"Like that time you stole Dad's car and drove all the way to London to buy me a new Hettie-Doll after the neighbors dog chewed off her head, because they only sold that make in the city?" Lizzy asked innocently. "You were writing essays for a month after that one."

"She wouldn't stop crying. What was I supposed to do?" Oliver said, and then leaned forward to mess up Lizzy's hair. "Anyway, keep it up and you won't be getting any favours at all out of me. That's right, that includes game tickets. And yes, I'm talking about the World Cup too."

"But I can still go, right?" Maddy asked quickly.

Lizzy rolled her eyes. "Oliver, honestly! Keep what up? I'm the perfect picture of beauty and responsibility. Dad said so. So I have no idea what you're talking about. Come on, Mads, lets go watch the telly."

"She's so much like you it scares me sometimes," Sirius said to Remus, shaking his head.

"That's all right, imagine how frightening is it to see a minature of yourself that acts just like your husband. And a son who acts like his Godfather."

"Hey now," Harry said. "I've got nothing on Sirius. And I don't bake."

Maddy followed Lizzy out of the room with no complaints, but her voice carried back in as she informed Liz that, "Even if he won't let you go, I hope you know I'm still going. I love you, Liz, but I'm not missing World Cup for you."

"Relax, Mouth! You're both going!" Oliver shouted. "Like I ever deny my baby sister anything."

Remus smiled. "Good boy. And I think Harry is much more like his mother, actually, than he is like Sirius. I see many similarities. Lack of red hair aside, of course, he got much from you, Lily. Thank goodness."

Lily beamed. "If we'd have had two James I think I might've thrown myself out a window long ago," she teased. "Even if he is the most dashing man I've ever seen, very fit, best in the sack... and what was it? Oh, yes, all around fabulous, an amazing dad, and ace at pulling off the salt and pepper look."

"And to think, many moons ago, you wouldn't even give him the time of day," Sirius commented. "Didn't you once tell him you wouldn't date him if he were the last man on earth and you had to repopulate to save humanity?"

"She did. In front of our whole year. She shot me down so many times. You're lucky you had someone who was smitten with you, Harry, and not the other way around. It's bloody tiring," James replied.

"Not worth it, I figure. I've never bothered much with relationships. I figure I might as well wait until I'm not having so much fun being single before I settle myself down," Oliver put in. "I'm one of the most eligible bachelors in England right now anyway, why spoil that on one bird?"

"And just think of all the stories and pictures we could release to the press to make you more endearing," Sirius said. "Like during that week you decided to embrace your 'natural state' and walked around the neighborhood naked. I've got a few pictures tucked away for future blackmail. And don't diss relationships, Oli. Once you're in the right one you'll realize there's nothing better for you. Least I did."

"I didn't mean there was anything wrong with them, Dad," Oli said. "Just that they're not right for me right now. Besides, I'd be a terrible boyfriend. Footie's more important than any girl."

"Except Elizabeth," Remus reminded him.

"Well, yeah, but that's different. Maddy's right in there too. Family, you know," Oliver said. "I must've spent too much time with crazy Aunt Narcissa. I picked up some unnatural attachment to family from her."

"Don't think Mouth'll appreciate you lumping her in the sister category," Harry said, stuffing his mouth with the last of his mashed potatoes. "Some of the things I've overheard her say about you hardly constitute as 'sisterly'. Mum, what's for dessert?"

"Apple pie," Lily answered. "And don't talk with your mouth full. Or about your sister like that."

James, for his part, looked a little shocked, though that quickly transformed into a look of wary suspicion, which he directed at Oliver.

"She what? Madeline? She's a baby. And... Maddy," Oli said, looking disgusted. He caught James' look then and wrinkled his nose. "Oh come on, Uncle James. I'd never. That'd be... competely... not... are you sure, Harry? You must've misheard. I'm practically a decade older than her. It's ridiculous."

Remus leaned back in his seat and cast an 'uh oh' sort of look at Sirius. He suspected the reason Oliver didn't have a girlfriend wasn't that he didn't want one, but rather that the kid had some trust issues when it came to letting people in emotionally. That had been the family's biggest hurdle when they'd adopted Oliver, and though he'd always been fine with family after he'd adjusted and figured out they were all very permanent and without an ulterior motive, he still didn't take too well to inconsistent behaviour. While he'd long since outgrown his triggery disposition about it, Remus could already see Oliver growing more uncomfortable the more he thought about the idea.

"It's probably just a harmless crush. Your her best friend's older brother. It's practically required for her to like you a little bit, Oliver. I'm sure she'll grow out of it," Remus said reasonably.

"Exactly. Don't put much stake in 13, Oli," Sirius added. "She's probably changed her mind twelve times since."

Harry shrugged and was about to speak when his mother gave him a kick under the table followed by a look that said, quite clearly, </i>Don't push it, young man</i>. "Er, yeah. I mean. It was teen magazine gushing sort of stuff, you know?" Harry tried, sounding awkward.

"I'm not an idiot, thanks," Oliver said gruffly, annoyed at the way the kid gloves had come out so quickly, even after so many years.

Maddy, who'd always had an uncanny talent for being in tune with her brother, appeared then right behind Oliver, putting a hand casually on the back of his chair and asking, "Dessert? There's nothing good on telly and I told Liz I'd grab her some pie."

Oliver pushed his plate away and got up abruptly. "I have a thing I forgot about. Pub. Mates. Adult stuff. See you. Dinner was great, ta."

"Oliver," Remus said, voice somewhat disapproving and he set his napkin on the table, intending to go after him, but then just looked over at Madeline and sat back down. Oliver would work it out on his own. He was an adult now.

Maddy's eyes followed Oli out of the room, and then went straight to her brother, glaring accusingly.

"What? Don't look at me like that!" Harry said, obviously uncomfortable.

"Harry," Lily said warningly.

"Fine. I told Oli you have a thing for him," Harry admitted. "And now he's being all... you know. Oliver-ish, likely, and I should have kept my mouth shut. Sorry."

Maddy smacked Harry upside the head and stomped out of the room, shouting over her shoulder, "Lizzy, Harry's your brother now. I don't want him anymore."

"Madeline! Don't be mean. Harry didn't mean anything by it," James shouted. "And anyway, Oliver's too old for you."

"Shut up! I'm so not having a conversation about this!" Maddy shrieked from the other room. "God, my family is so humiliating."

"Don't talk to your father like that, I don't care how humiliated you are!" Lily called out, frowning. "Weren't we just saying that Harry was so much like me?" she asked the table, crossing her arms. "We must've been mistaken, because he hasn't an ounce of tact or respect for his sister's feelings."

"Mum! It's not a big deal! God. It's just a crush," Harry said.

"On a boy who has a bit of a tendency to overreact instead of play it down," James said to Harry and then looked up at Remus and Sirius. "No offence or anything. Just, Harry, you should've used your brain. It wasn't a thoughtful thing to do. I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?" Sirius asked. "And no offence taken, mate."

"I'm going to talk to my baby girl, that's where," James said, shrugging. "You know me. Can't stand to see my little girl all upset, even if she's mouthing off over it."

"Sorry Daddy," Maddy said.

"Just another average night," Remus said dryly in the dining room, smiling as he heard James mutter something in his softest voice, and he could practically see the man pulling his daughter into a hug, even if there was a wall blocking his view. "Elizabeth, come in here and give them a minute."

Lizzy came in the room but walked around the table in the opposite way and smacked Harry upside the head herself. Without a word she went back the other way and deposited herself primly in Sirius' lap. "Boy's are idiots," she said quietly.

"Lizzy, be nice. This will blow over quickly enough and you know it. I'll not have you being rude to Harry over it. He wasn't trying to cause problems on purpose," Remus said.

Harry huffed. "Whatever. It doesn't matter," he said dissmissively, and then looked pleading at his mother. "Are we ever going to have dessert?"

Chapter Two <-- Chapter Three --> Chapter Four

3) A Lack of Propriety (4th Year EPP-era)

Where there is teasing, indecency, and a depressing lack of magic.


Remus sat side by side with Lily, both of them propped up on pillows on his bed, pawing through catalogues and occasionally clicking through websites from his laptop, perched on his desk chair moved to arm's length.  He was frowning down at the photo she was pointing to.

"Well, I don't know, Lily.  Do you want sleeves?  It's a summer wedding, but I suppose shorter ones wouldn't be too, you know, hot," Remus said and shook his head.  He flashed a smile up at her and suggested, "Look, I know I'm, ah, of a particular preference, but fashion isn't really my thing.  You'd probably have more luck if you worked on that yourself and I, I don't know.  Brainstormed possible wedding songs or something."

"We've done most of that already though," Lily said, exasperated.  "I just don't know!  I want to choose it myself, but I kind of want to let my mum deal with it and forget about it all completely.  And James and the girls are no help.  They're busy with their own things."  She frowned.  "I don't know why James and I just didn't decide to elope."

"Because you'd have two sets of angry parents on your hands, never mind extended family and friends.  Besides, you know you're going to love it.  It'll all work out and it'll be amazing and you'll be really very glad you didn't elope," Remus replied sensibly.  "Besides, you have the church and the reception hall booked.  Worst comes to worst, you can improvise at the ceremony and throw an off the cuff reception.  It's going to be fine.  Now maybe we ought to take a break for a little while?  Clear your head?"

"That's probably a good idea," Lily sighed.  "I'll ask my sister on the next Salcombe weekend.  She might be a bint, but she's a bint with amazing taste in dresses."

"Stop worrying, Lily.  Honest.  It'll all work out," Remus said.  "You should be enjoying this, not stressing about it.  Or, I mean, not stressing too over much."

"Yes, yes, you're right, you're right," Lily said.  "I'm going to drive myself insane if this keeps up.  So.  You and Sirius do anything kinky lately?"

Remus looked over at her, a little shocked, and then smiled ruefully.  "What a subtle and non-abrupt change of subject, Lily.  It doesn't make the question awkward at all."

"Oh just answer the question.  It's not as thought it's the first time we've talked about sex, Remus," Lily grinned.  "You know I'm a stickler for detail."

"James walked in on us the other day.  I'm sure he told you.  We were, ah.  Rather in the very middle of things, if you know what I mean.  It was the first time he got such an explicit eyeful, I think," Remus admitted.  "Then they had a laugh at my expense, and Sirius kicked James out so we could continue.  It was awkward, but it turned out all right in the end, I suppose."

"Yeah, he told me about that one," Lily said, grinning.  "Says you two are just a touch better than gay porn, although I have no idea when and where he acquired a basis for comparison."

"He shares a room and, quite frequently, a computer with Sirius," Remus said.  "I think that explains the source.  And somewhat disturbingly, the access.  I don't quite understand the appeal of porn, personally."  Then Lily's comment kicked in, and he angled a half amused, half confused look in her direction.  "Pardon, a touch better than gay porn?  He seemed quite traumatized on the day."

"I guess he had time to consider the aesthetics, I don't know," Lily laughed.  "Or maybe I'm his beard, and he's just a very convincing actor."

"Oh yes, call off the wedding.  James is gay," Remus said with a snort.  "I have a funny feeling you needn't worry.  If he truly were gay, he wouldn't have been able to room with Sirius for so long without losing it and jumping him."

"But you're not proud of yourself at all, Remus," Lily said with a smirk.

"Oh, of course I am.  Sirius is just..." Remus trailed off here, and gave Lily a look.  "You know.  Don't make me gush and sound like a girl.  I ought to be proud."

"Aw, but I like it when you gush and sound like a girl.  It makes me want to braid your hair," Lily teased.  "Although I must admit that I can appreciate Sirius' good looks.  I'll bet having sex with him is something to appreciate."

Remus tucked his hair behind his ears and smiled, trying not to get too awkward.  Lily was the only person he had to talk to about stuff like this anyway, and it didn't seem to matter how often they did, it still didn't come easy for him.  "Well, you've certainly got that right.  He, um.  I mean, he sort of knows me really well by now, and he knows exactly where to...  well.  I just mean, I swear he, I'd... sometimes I think he wouldn't even have to go anywhere near my pants and I'd... you know."

Lily smiled, raising her eyebrows.  "Now that's what I like to hear.  What's your favourite thing that he does?"

"Oh, well," Remus said, looking away for a moment, somehow looking pleased, embarrassed, and deviant all at once.  "It's probably going to sound a little tame to you, but it's why I always wear my hair down now.  He'll suck on this one spot right behind my ear, and then at the same time he'll trail his fingers all the way from the base of my skull down practically to my belly button and back up again.  Really light, light.  It may not sound like much, but..."

Lily bit her lip.  "Sounds delicious," she said, just as the door flung open and Sirius barrelled through, breathless and grinning.

"REMUS!" he half yelled, and jumped on the bed directly on top of the other boy, ignoring Lily.  Snuffing around Remus' neck playfully, Sirius started sucking on the skin under his ear.

"Sirius!" Remus squeaked, and got his hands up on Sirius' shoulders to nudge him away a little, cheeks pink.  "Lily and I are wedding planning.  Lily.  You know.  Who is sitting right next to me?  You practically jumped over her to get to me?  Have some manners."

"I'm unfamiliar with this manners concept," Sirius replied grinning.  "And you tell Lily everything don't you?  Now she can just get a first hand view."

Lily, whose eyes had gone wide in surprise at Sirius' initial actions, started to laugh.

Sirius took this as a sign of encouragement, and kissed Remus full on the lips.

Remus made a brief noise of protest, but this time it was a moment or two before he pushed Sirius away a little.  Slightly breathless he said distractedly, "Um.  It's not polite.  It's... inappropriate."

"Oh, no, don't mind me!" Lily sing-songed, still laughing.  "Pretend I'm not even here!"

"Okay!" Sirius replied happily, and started kissing Remus again, this time with more of a relish.

Remus made a strangled sort of sound, but stopped trying to push Sirius away.  He wasn't exactly comfortable with a lap full of Sirius making out right there with Lily only inches away, but Sirius seemed determined, and Lily kept encouraging him, and Remus didn't really mind...

His hands curled around Sirius' neck instead of resting on his shoulders and he tilted his head up a little, mouth opening to Sirius.

Lily giggled and started sliding purposefully off the edge of the bed.  "Ooh, oh my," she said.  Wow, they moved fast, randy little buggers.

Sirius started sliding his fingers under Remus' jumper and the shirt underneath, fingers dancing on the skin of his stomach.

"Sirius..." Remus said, and caught Sirius' wrist to stop the movement, and though he'd intended to follow Sirius' name with the word 'don't', he seemed to have gotten distracted.

"What's the matter, Moony?" Sirius questioned with a whisper in Remus' ear, before doing exactly what Remus had described to Lily moments before.

Remus inhaled sharply and then let out a moan, any and all thoughts chased momentarily from his mind.  Sirius knew exactly what that did to him because he did it all the time, it was Remus' favourite...


"Lily," Remus croaked, embarrassed at getting so caught up so quickly, and looking over with wide eyes only to find the bed empty save for he and Sirius.  He looked further and noticed her with her hand on the door knob, on her way out.

"I... sorry.  God, I..." Remus started, ashamed by his own behaviour.  He gave her a sheepish, apologetic look, but he was still sure it was clear that what he really wanted was for Sirius to do that again, over and over.

Lily just shook her head and grinned at the two of them, and waved teasingly as she let herself out, full intending to find James.

"I've.  Been.  Thinking.  About. You.  All.  Day," Sirius said, punctuating each word with a kiss on some part of Remus' person and an eager tug at his trousers.

"Sirius, Lily and I were busy," Remus said, because he thought he should protest at least a little.  Especially since he was currently sliding his hands up under Sirius' shirt and he didn't want Sirius to think he condoned that sort of behaviour just because he gave into it.

"Lies," Sirius replied playfully, sucking and nipping lightly on Remus collar bone and leaning upward so he could start undoing the buttons on Remus' shirt.  "You would much rather be right here right now than listening to Evans moan about her wedding colours or how much pregnancy weight she's gained already."

Remus decided it was a moot point, since even if he felt like attempting, once more, to impress upon Sirius some vague idea of propriety, now was not the time because now would mean stopping, and Remus didn't much feel like stopping.  "Can do you that again?  The... thing with your mouth and your hand.  You know what I mean."

Sirius cackled, and then obliged.  "That thing, you mean?" he asked cheekily.

Remus moaned and shuddered a little, and realized his trousers were quite uncomfortably tight.  He looked up at Sirius and blushed as he replied, somewhat shakily, "Yes, that.  That drives me mad.  Um.  In a very good way."

Sirius let out what was unmistakably a giggle and started kissing his way down Remus' clothed body, stopping at his crotch and unhooking the trouser button nimbly, and then pulling down the zipper.  "Hello," he said, kissing Remus' cock through the this fabric of his pants.  "Mad in a good way indeed..." he added quietly, smiling as he tugged Remus' underwear and trousers down over his hips.

"Sirius, the door isn't even locked," Remus pointed out, the vague notion occurring to him that Peter walking in wouldn't blow over half as quickly as James walking in had.

"Details, details," Sirius said dismissively, wrapping his hand around the base of Remus' cock and starting to lick a trail from the bottom to the top.

Remus whimpered and threw his head back.  He felt sometimes that he couldn't even function on the most minimal level when Sirius was around.  Common sense and decency seemed to go out the window, which scared Remus a little, but most of the time he knew, even as it happened, that he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Look what you do to me, Sirius," Remus breathed, trying not to buck his hips.

Sirius peered up in surprise at the comment, which came just as he wrapped his lips around Remus' tip and gave a little, prolonged tease of a suck.  "What to you mean?" he asked, lifting his head up slightly, but stroking Remus in the meantime and giving him a curious look.  "The whole wanton and debauched look you're sporting?  Which is sexy as hell, for the record."

Remus propped himself up a little and smiled down at Sirius.  "Noted.  And don't stop now that you've started," he said, mock-sternly.  "And I just mean that when I'm with you, it's like I can hardly control myself."

"Well I do tend to inspire complete indecency," Sirius answered before putting his mouth straight down over Remus' cock and starting to suck.

Remus dropped back onto the bed and unconsciously rubbed his own hand down his abdomen, biting his lip to try not to make noise.  He just hoped Peter didn't come back any time soon.  His roommate wouldn't like what he saw, not in the slightest.  What was worse, perhaps, was that Remus didn't exactly care.  Not when Sirius was doing that with his tongue, at any rate.

Sirius started humming as he sucked, one hand still holding Remus firmly, the other cupping his balls and rolling them gently in between his fingers.

Sirius, Remus thought, was really fantastic at oral sex.  Remus considered himself to merely be average, or perhaps below, but Sirius.  Sirius always made him see stars.  This is why, even though his legs were largely trapped by his trousers round his thighs and Sirius' position between his legs, Remus couldn't help but squeeze his legs around Sirius and drop a hand into his hair, trying not to pull and hurt Sirius or push and choke him.

Remus' reactions were Sirius' biggest turn on.  The way he grabbed and writhed and groaned couldn't help but make Sirius' own trousers more than uncomfortably tight, and the humming he was doing quickly turned to indecent sounds of want and need and God, oh God.  His ministrations became more eager, more driven.

Sirius also, Remus thought, had great stamina.  Remus' jaw tended to start to ache after the first few minutes, and though Remus wasn't exactly the king of endurance, she still thought Sirius had some strange sort of inner talent.

It was only a few minutes more before Remus, sounding somewhat strangled and breathless, cried, "Sirius, I'm going to..."

Sirius didn't move, instead let it all pour into his mouth before taking his mouth off of Remus, swallowing, and then licking his lips.  He grinned.

"Well," Remus breathed, head spinning a little.  "That... thanks.  I mean.  You know.  Ignore my incoherency, please.  And come here."

Sirius laughed and crawled forward, flopping down beside Remus and kissing him sloppily on the cheek.  "You beckoned?"

"Mm.  I love you.  And I'll get around to your turn soon, I promise.  Just give my muscles time to reattach themselves," Remus mumbled, turning his face and pressing a kiss into Sirius' neck.

"I love you, too," Sirius breathed.  "Let's hope Peter doesn't walk in, eh?  This looks compromising."

Remus groaned at the thought and then lifted his hips, pulling his pants and trousers back up and doing up his fly lazily.  Once he was finished, he slid one hand over Sirius' belly, sneaking his fingers up Sirius' shirt and playing with the soft trail of hair between Sirius' belly button and his jeans.  "There.  Not quite so compromising.  Still liable to give him a heart attack, though.  Why don't the doors lock automatically?  That would be really handy."

"Or some sort of remote control," Sirius suggested.  "Or magic.  Using magic would be ace."

"Mm," Remus mumbled as he trailed his fingertips up and down between Sirius' waistband and his belly button, occasionally looping up and around for a change, pressure so light he was barely touching Sirius' skin at all.  He watched Sirius' face for any sign his somewhat innocent actions were getting to him.

"Tease," Sirius managed softly, sucking in air.  He was already hard as a rock and the graceful, soft touch of Remus' fingers was quickly turning into a sensory overload.

"I'm no tease," Remus replied, and then leaned close and very, very delicately traced his tongue along Sirius' Adam's apple and up to his ear before blowing air along the trail he'd made, all the while extending his gentle finger movements to map paths along Sirius' ribs. "I'm just being gentle."

"You're being a gentle tease," Sirius replied, reaching for Remus' hand and placing it over the straining hardness in his trousers.  "Exhibit A."

Remus chuckled and then nipped at Sirius' ear for a moment.  "Be patient, Sirius."

"Locked doors are overrated!" Sirius whined as Remus got out of bed to lock the door and Sirius himself started fidgeting.

"Perhaps, but it means we can take off our clothes without worry," Remus replied, and quirked his eyebrows at his boyfriend.  "You first."
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